I was a 36 year old Mam of three at the time when I knew my life needed a bit of a turn around. I vividly remember sitting in my car, waiting on my eldest to finish her training session, with a Diet Coke, packet of crisps and a chocolate bar watching a YouTube video. I just thought to myself, ‘OK this needs to change’.

My motivation skyrocketed, I began walking more often, I had even bought a treadmill and a cross trainer for the house! I also joined a weight watchers. And then I quit weight watchers. Then I joined again.I began my weights journey during the same timeframe and started with different kettle bell classes and 6 week transformation groups.  Anything I could fit into the few scarce hours I had free. I started to really enjoy the classes, I began to lose a couple of kilos and I felt good afterwards but there was always some elements of the classes I dreaded.

A couple weeks in my weight became stagnant and I lost all interest. I had no more want or motivation to get myself moving or doing any form of exercise and with a busy life and my three girls it was just easier to give up.

It was as I had hit this point that a close friend recommended Luke to me for some Personal Training. I thought to myself alright Clair let’s get back on the horse. From the get go Luke was personal, knowledgeable and extremely motivating. There was not one thing executed that wasn’t explained to me thoroughly. Luke always communicated with me simply and ensured I understood each aspect of my training; from nutrition to performance. Plus I always had a great laugh with him! He knew how to get more out of me even when I thought my body couldn’t give any more!

From starting with no confidence and basic mobility work for weeks in the beginning, to having me feel confident enough to head down to the gym alongside my eldest daughter and get a weight session in, Luke gave me every ounce of knowledge and confidence I needed to be able to attack the gym myself, something I never imagined I’d be able to do and I wouldn’t change our trainer-trainee relationship for the world!

I can’t describe in word’s how beneficial Luke’s training has been for me but I’ll try!

Claire Fitzsimons