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Integrity Fitness embodies and represents our core ethos of community, empowerment and longevity. In addition to our classes, personalised programs and consultations, we want to continue that same ethos in how we share, engage and communicate with our members and indeed anyone who is interested in their personal fitness and wellbeing. We'll be actively engaging via the Integrity blog so keep checking in for useful posts on nutrition, movement and conditioning, gym news, testimonials and informative articles.

Lisa’s Story

“You can’t rely on yourself to fix this – it’s too hard. Your decision making got you where you are and you can’t rely on it to get you out. You need someone…

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Clair Fitzsimons Testimonial

I was a 36 year old Mam of three at the time when I knew my life needed a bit of a turn around.

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The opening of Integrity Fitness is a big personal and professional milestone, the culmination of over 2 decades of dedication to training, fitness and…

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Your Physical Fitness

Your physical fitness is one of the best indicators of your long term health status and quality of life. The ability to go about your day without undue fatigue…

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So What Now!

Firstly, let us say ‘congratulations’. Congratulations for taking the first step in becoming a better version of yourself, for taking the first step in…

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